About Isurus

"Research is a process where you can spend a lot of money and come up with zero. Isurus guides me quickly through the key decisions, helps me avoid the pitfalls, and makes sure I walk away with high-value implications."

-Vice President of Marketing, Enterprise Content Management System Provider

Isurus Market Research and Consulting provides primary custom market research in domestic and international markets on behalf of companies ranging from startups to global leaders.

Isurus was formed in 2000 when the founding partners wanted to create an organization that offers the high-touch, consultative service that can only be provided by a boutique research firm. At Isurus, senior staff are deeply involved in each engagement – they drive the research design, analysis and reporting.

Marketers and market researchers hire Isurus because:
We get it

Clients tell us we understand that they’re doing research to drive business results. From the design of a study through the analysis of the findings we constantly ask ourselves and our clients, “How does this help make a better decision?” Our reports clearly map the research findings to the project’s overall objectives, and provide recommendations to drive business decisions.

B2B expertise

Just as B2B marketing requires specialized knowledge and skill sets, so does B2B market research. Isurus specializes in B2B research and brings the right experience, contextual understanding and skill set to B2B marketers. Our expertise includes research on technology, education, healthcare and a range of other B2B sectors.

Creative approaches

B2B research often requires a creative approach. The preferred methodology is often not feasible with certain audiences. Many clients, regardless of size, do not have the resources to conduct the scope of research they would like. We help our clients prioritize their needs, then design studies that answer their most pressing questions while recognizing the constraints that exist.

Long-term relationships based on trust

Isurus’ success is built on long-term client relationships with our clients. Clients choose Isurus because we:

  • Work in partnership with them, while maintaining the objectivity that we are hired to provide
  • Set realistic expectations for meeting objectives, schedules, etc.
  • Respond quickly to client requests and anticipate needs proactively
  • Tailor the level and intensity of communications to client needs
  • Are transparent about who works on a project, including any components that are outsourced
  • Speak honestly about how our experience and expertise applies to each project
  • Adapt our working style to fit client needs

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Isurus could meet your research needs. We can answer your specific questions and share more about how our experience will benefit your organization.

Call us at 617-844-1344 or visit our Contact Page.