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"Research is a process where you can spend a lot of money and come up with zero. Isurus guides me quickly through the key decisions, helps me avoid the pitfalls, and makes sure I walk away with high-value implications."

-Vice President of Marketing, Enterprise Content Management System Provider

Commercial & Industrial

Four recommendations for services growth

Isurus works with a range of companies seeking to grow their services business. This Insights provides four research-driven recommendations to guide growth strategies for services. Download the PDF

Competitive differentiation mapping

Managing competitive differentiation and positioning against competitors are critical in gaining market consideration and winning accounts.  This Insights provides a systematic approach for mapping competitive differentiation in B2B markets. Download the PDF

Using primary research for market opportunity assessment

Isurus’ work demonstrates that businesses make purchase decisions based on a range of factors and that relying too heavily on stated intent to purchase can overestimate the true market opportunity.  Read this Insights to learn more about Isurus’ comprehensive, data-driven framework for assessing market opportunity. Download the PDF

Five dimensions for improving sales effectiveness

Isurus’ sales effectiveness framework focuses on five dimensions of the sales process that can be measured, managed and improved. Use this framework, and the accompanying questions, to assess your organization’s sales process and identify potential opportunities to improve win-rates. Download the PDF

Five recommendations for effective B2B product messaging

Product messaging to B2B audiences needs to convey complex messages in simple but compelling terms. This Insights makes five recommendations that will help you in the initial stages of message development, when decisions about message content, benefits and value propositions are made. Download the PDF

Five questions to add to your win/loss program

Win/loss analysis is a process for evaluating why deals are won or lost, and typically involves getting feedback directly from decision-makers and/or influencers in the buyer's organization. This Insights recommends five questions to increase the value of your win/loss program. Download the PDF

Enhancing forecasting with primary research

Businesses rely on forecasts to inform strategic and tactical decisions.  This Isurus Insights identifies opportunities to improve the overall accuracy and reliability of forecasts by incorporating primary market research data. Download the PDF