Practice Areas / B2C

"Research is a process where you can spend a lot of money and come up with zero. Isurus guides me quickly through the key decisions, helps me avoid the pitfalls, and makes sure I walk away with high-value implications."

-Vice President of Marketing, Enterprise Content Management System Provider

Although our roots are in B2B research, Isurus’ clients have taken us into a range of consumer markets as well. We have experience researching consumer audiences in:

  • Consumer packaged goods
  • eCommerce and the social web
  • Financial services (retail banking and lending, insurance)
  • Education (K-12, higher education, professional certification)
  • Healthcare (pharmaceuticals and OTC products, health insurance)
  • Professional services (accounting, legal)
  • Technology (devices, software, security)
  • Telecom and utilities
Our consumer studies often require us to target niche and hard-to-find audiences, such as:
  • Tech savvy consumers, early adopters
  • Lifestyle and lifestage segments (e.g., millennials, singles, environmentalists, children of aging parents, etc)
  • Health and wellness segments (e.g., patient populations, pregnant women, parents of children with birth defects, etc)