Relevant messaging in a changing IT outsourcing landscape

IT organizations are becoming more mature users of outsourced services and delivery models.  Isurus’ research across multiple technology categories shows a shift in how IT evaluates outsourcing options and its use of various models (offshore vs. domestic, in-house vs. outsourced, on-premise vs. offsite hosting, etc.), and these trends are also evident in research conducted by CIO Magazine, Forrester, and others.  Some companies are shifting from offshore to domestic outsourcing, others are bringing outsourced activities back in-house, and others are outsourcing more and more of IT’s “commodity” services.

This shifting landscape creates challenges for marketing outsourced offerings.  The marketing messages that were effective in the past lose relevance as markets become more mature and their needs change. To keep pace, marketers of outsourced offerings need to understand the factors that motivate outsourcing decisions.  Some outsourcing is done to achieve cost reduction. Some outsourcing is done to gain access to a specific skillset or expertise.  Some outsourcing is done to fill critical but short-term staffing needs.

It is also critical to understand how outsourcing fits into IT’s overall strategy.  IT organizations that see themselves as strategic business partners will have a different orientation toward outsourcing than those who focus on delivering core infrastructure.

It’s worth stepping back and assessing what’s changed in your market and whether your messaging still works or if it needs to be updated to reflect the needs and motivations of today’s buyers.