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Product marketing, product management, and the sales team are hungry for competitive intelligence. They want to know how the market views competitors, how offers compare, which competitors to pay attention to, which ones to ignore, and why prospects select one vendor over another.

Isurus provides competitive landscape insights through:

Market Scanning:

High-level, systematic summary of competitors in a marketplace, including size, value propositions, target markets, core functionality, and other primary dimensions. Market scans are especially helpful when entering a new or rapidly changing marketplace.

Competitor Profiling:

A detailed drill down on select competitors, often conducted after a market scan, reveals the main competitors of interest. The profiling provides greater depth on dimensions such as size, offering, and target market. The profile also addresses business development resources and changes such as the introduction of a new product, an acquisition, or an external investment.

Win/Loss Analysis:

A review of recent wins and losses that identifies systematic issues driving sales success. It explores the buying journey, sales processes, alignment with buying criteria, product evaluation, sales and technical rep performance, and pricing and brand perceptions. It often increases alignment among the sales, marketing, and product teams by providing an objective overview of what is happening in the market.

Brand Perception Research:

Identifies how buyers view the strengths and weaknesses of vendors relative to each other, and the degree to which vendor strengths align with market needs. Brand perception research can reveal unique positioning opportunities and supports differentiated messaging.

We work with many research vendors in the course of our work, but we always rely on Isurus to tackle the most challenging projects. Their flexibility, expertise, and commitment to building and strengthening the relationship are key to our success.
Director of Market Research, Enterprise Software

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