From startups to global leaders, Isurus has helped hundreds of B2B tech clients excel through research-based insights and strategies

Technology Sectors

B2B technology vendors must navigate the constant evolutions and pendulum swings in technology markets: The migration to cloud services and infrastructure. Mobile. The ever-increasing number and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. Changing preferences for best-of-breed vs. suite solutions. The decentralization of IT decision making. And of course, the unexpected changes just over the horizon.

Many B2B technology vendors face the additional challenge of convincing their marketplace, not just to change vendors, but to do things differently. Adopting a new solution often requires changing business processes, moving where data is stored and how it is accessed, and more. From the customer’s point-of-view, change adds risk and uncertainty to the decision.

Isurus has decades of experience helping B2B technology vendors address these challenges. We serve clients in a range of technology categories, including Business Software, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and Cloud Solutions.

Our clients are diverse. Some serve specific sectors such as healthcare or SMBs. Others provide solutions that cross segments, such as HR software or data backup. The buyers, decision makers, and influencers vary by client and sector and include functional users, IT staff, and executives.

A commonality across our clients is a reliance on research to gain an outside-in view of the marketplace. They recognize that long-term growth depends on understanding and meeting the needs of the market. The best technology doesn’t guarantee success.

Isurus provides a high-touch, personal connection that is much appreciated and, I believe, a strategic competitive advantage in their ability to understand their client’s challenges and opportunities.
Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Infrastructure

Audiences our Clients Serve

Whether it’s specialized software for the utility sector, or HR solutions for SMBs, Isurus’ work spans a range of audiences. The sectors and audiences we’ve explored on behalf of technology clients include:

What our experience means for you

Our experience, knowledge, and background enable Isurus to:

Build Knowledge

Rapidly build knowledge about each client’s unique business, sector and target market – even if we haven’t worked in your specific sector, we’ve worked in one with similar dynamics

Provide Context

Bring a broader context to the analysis and interpretation of data


Execute research within challenging areas and with hard to reach B2B technology buyers

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