Sectors We Serve

B2B companies need partners that understand the complexity and nuances of their markets.

Companies in B2B markets must navigate buying processes with multiple decision-makers and long decision cycles. They often sell highly technical or expensive solutions in low-involvement categories where inertia is a major sales challenge. Many sell products through channel partners and have little direct contact with end customers, making a traditional sales engagement extra challenging. The decision makers and influencers include functional users, executives, IT, and purchasing.

Isurus understands these challenges. We’ve conducted hundreds of engagements in B2B sectors and interviewed thousands of B2B buyers across a range of industries and job functions.

Our experience, knowledge, and background enable us to:

  • Rapidly build knowledge about each client’s unique business, sector, and target market
  • Bring a broader context to the analysis and interpretation of the data
  • Execute research within challenging segments and with hard to reach B2B decision-makers
I have partnered with them on eight projects in the last seven years, for two different companies. I count on Isurus for B2B technology expertise, responsive service, and insights that focus on what’s truly important to move the business.
Vice President of Marketing, BPO Provider