Qualitative Research

Qualitative research explores the “what, why, and how” questions. Topics well-suited to qualitative research include examining the perceptions and values that influence buyer behavior, identifying unmet needs, and understanding how buyers perceive brands and marketing communications.

Qualitative research engages the target audience in an open-ended exploratory discussion: Effective moderation is critical for success. The principle partners conduct the moderating at Isurus.

Qualitative methodologies include:

In-Depth Interviews: An in-depth interview is a guided, open-ended discussion with a single individual. The session typically averages 45-60 minutes and can last longer with highly technical topics. In-depth interviews provide more information per individual than any other methodology. In-depth interviews are often the only viable approach for senior-level decision makers and niche audiences, or in highly competitive markets.

Focus Groups: A focus group is a moderated discussion with a group of individuals; the size of the group depends on the target audience and mode (online versus in-person). Focus groups encourage an active discussion and the sharing of ideas among participants. Many clients value the ability for their team to observe the conversation in real-time, which tangibly brings customers and prospects to life.

Online Bulletin Board Groups: Also known as asynchronous focus groups, bulletin board groups are threaded online discussions that take place over multiple days. They are most useful when individuals need time to digest and respond to the questions, and other stimuli, either because the topic is complex (e.g., highly technical offerings) or the volume of information to review (e.g., multiple concepts or messages). The asynchronous nature of the discussion enables the client and research team to consider and react to findings that emerge during the discussion.

For years, Isurus has served as an extension of our own team on research initiatives of all types. When we engage Isurus, we know we’ll be pleased with the team, the research outcomes, and their superb partnership throughout the process.
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