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The most successful products, strategies, and marketing campaigns use an outside-in view of the marketplace. Long-term growth depends on understanding and meeting the needs of the customer – the best product doesn’t guarantee success. B2B buyers bypass products that don’t address critical needs, ignore marketing campaigns that don’t touch on relevant themes, and abandon sales processes that don’t align with their buying process.

Isurus helps clients understand their markets and buyers by exploring:

Business Outcomes:

Regardless of how complex or sophisticated the product or service, customers invest in solutions to achieve a business outcome. Understanding the desired outcomes and jobs to be done helps prioritize features/functionality for investment and for marketing/sales messages. It also identifies direct and indirect competitors to reveal why the market uses the solutions it does.

Buying Criteria:

Measuring of the relative importance of features and price is the first step to understanding how the market compares vendors and solutions. Often overlooked buying criteria include fit with existing processes, connections to ecosystems, and brand perceptions. These non-product related criteria can be the deciding factor when prospects believe multiple products and vendors could meet their needs.


A rich profile of buyers and users can be especially helpful to marketers in B2B sectors, where collaborative decision processes are the norm. Personas articulate the needs of different stakeholders in the buying process. They can provide the foundation for value propositions and campaigns. At a fundamental level, personas reinforce that regardless of the product or service, human beings with needs, perceptions, and emotions make the purchase decision.

Decision Journeys:

Many B2B purchases involve multiple decision makers and have long sales cycles. By understanding the steps in the process and who is involved, and when, enables the sales and marketing teams to provide the right level of information, to the right individuals, at the right time.

Market Segmentation:

For most B2B vendors, specific segments of the market offer more opportunities than others. Segmentation analysis identifies groups within the market that share needs, perceptions, willingness to spend, etc. This market knowledge enables B2B providers to target their marketing and sales efforts towards the market segments with the most opportunities.

Isurus is our most trusted research provider. They have built a reputation among key stakeholders throughout our company for their reliable advice, sound interpretation, and keen understanding of our market and target audiences.
Director of Market Research, Enterprise Software

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