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Business-to-Business Sectors

Companies in business-to-business markets must navigate buying processes with multiple decision makers and long decision cycles. They often sell highly technical or expensive solutions in low-involvement categories where inertia represents one of their biggest challenges. Many sell products through channel partners and have little direct contact with end-customers. The decision makers and influencers include functional users, engineers, executives, IT, and at times the purchasing department. And these are just some of the hurdles in B2B markets.

While the importance of the product and sales function is evident in B2B markets, the strategic value of marketing and branding can be overlooked. As is the influence of emotional drivers in what, on the surface, looks like a purely rational decision.

Isurus has decades of experience helping clients address these challenges. We serve clients in a range of categories, including Business Software, Laboratory & Scientific equipment, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, and Manufacturing.

A commonality across our clients is a reliance on research to gain an outside-in view of the marketplace. They recognize that long-term growth depends on understanding and meeting the needs of the market. The best product doesn’t guarantee success.

Isurus is one of the strongest research partners we have worked with on B2B clients. They are my first stop for smart design and analytic plans, to help us uncover insights that will impact strategy and communications development.
Strategic Research Manager, Marketing Agency

Audiences Our Clients Serve

Whether it’s specialized software for construction firms, or packaging solutions for food & beverage manufacturers, Isurus’ work spans a range of audiences. The sectors and audiences we’ve conducted research in include:

What our experience means for you

Our experience, knowledge, and background enable Isurus to:

Build Knowledge

Rapidly build knowledge about each client’s unique business, sector and target market – even if we haven’t worked in your specific sector, we’ve worked in one with similar dynamics

Provide Context

Bring a broader context to the analysis and interpretation of the data


Execute research within challenging industries and with hard to reach B2B decision-makers

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