Financial Services & Insurance

Isurus has researched the financial services and insurance sectors for clients ranging from cybersecurity vendors to trading platforms. We’ve explored:

  • Market needs and perceptions of business liability insurance among mid-sized banks and credit unions.
  • The buying criteria institutions use to select cybersecurity solutions
  • Perceptions and understanding of sophisticated cybersecurity threats
  • The buying criteria for data backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • The features and functionality in fraud detection solutions
  • Brand positions of vendors that provide trading solutions
  • Product marketing messages targeted to institutional records management supervisors
  • Buyer journey and persona development for institutional and individual real estate investors
Isurus stands out as being extremely focused on the client's business and the outcome that their work is driving toward. There is no ‘research for research's sake’ with their team, and I have come to rely on them as a real business partner.
CMO, Legal Services

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