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Research can be a high-stakes engagement for B2B marketers. Business decisions that spark for research needs are often strategic and have visibility across the organization. Research requires a meaningful investment of budget and time. For the project lead/champion, the quality and value of the research may reflect on their reputation. Add it all up: it’s vital that the research is executed correctly.

Isurus partners with clients early in the process to ensure we understand each client’s business and organizational needs before we propose a research scope and design. The right approach for each engagement aligns with the following criteria:



There are many qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research tools in our research toolbox. We select the tool or combination of resources that best align with the criteria for a successful project. Research across multiple global regions adds further considerations for the optimal research design.

I have worked with Isurus on a variety of unique research challenges. They always take the time to understand the specific needs of my clients, and they develop smart, custom solutions.
Vice President, Marketing Agency

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