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Brand Management

Although product is king in B2B markets, brand equity is increasingly important. A strong brand gives marketing and sales messages higher authority to shape buyer preferences. A strong brand can credibly recommend solutions instead of merely responding to RFP requirements. Brand reputation can help or hinder entry into new markets. A cohesive brand message makes it easier for customers to talk about vendors to internal stakeholders and peers at other organizations. A strong corporate brand makes it easier to stay relevant and credible as markets and technologies change. The brand represents the company’s core value proposition underlying all its sales and marketing materials, communication, and activities.

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Communication: Messaging & Creative execution

Messaging and creative performance can be divisive topics at B2B organizations. The product teams may favor product-centric messages – with campaigns that focus heavily on product imagery. The marketing team may prefer a campaign that focuses on customer outcomes, with imagery that resonates emotionally and is competitively differentiated. Each group worries about the effectiveness of the other’s preferred approach.

Research can help identify the information, motivations, imagery, and tonality most likely to resonate with B2B buyers.

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Advertising / Brand Tracking

Marketers in companies that build technical or scientific products often feel pressure to provide quantitative proof of the success of their investment in communications and messaging campaigns. They want to show that the needle moved. Given that marketing is part art, part science – and that B2B marketing budgets are often modest – demonstrating this success can be challenging.

Isurus works with B2B marketers to design brand and campaign tracking studies that provide an objective view of the brand’s or campaign’s performance while recognizing the limits that exist.

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Isurus works as a true extension of the client's marketing department throughout the research process. Understanding the company's goals and marketing direction ensures that the research outcome aligns with expectations throughout the organization.
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