Brand Management

Isurus uses a conceptual framework to guide brand management research. The framework maps strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors to reveal brand position and points of differentiation. Key elements of the structure include:

  • Awareness: Corporate and product awareness frames the nature of brand challenges and opportunities.
  • Capabilities: The technical and operational features and qualifications required to deliver the product or service.
  • Brand Traits: The behaviors, values, and attitudes that personify the brand – they remain the same as offerings evolve.
  • Business Outcomes: The desired outcomes the customer expects from using the product and vendor.

The framework is especially useful for companies transitioning from an internal engineering/technical focus to an outside-in market focus. It provides a means of establishing a mutual understanding among internal stakeholders of the company’s competitive position, where changes are needed, and where an investment of resources will pay the most dividends.

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