International Research

Many B2B market research engagements involve global markets and decision makers. Most approaches and methodologies are applicable in international B2B markets; however, modifications may be needed to account for:

  • Regulations: Stricter data privacy laws in most European countries limit the amount of personally identifiable information (name, employer, etc.) available about the individuals taking part in the research.
  • Language: Gathering data in the local language is a research best practice. While English proficiency is increasingly common, the data quality is typically higher in the respondent’s preferred language. That said, translations add time and cost that need to be weighed against the potential impact to data quality.
  • Market size: Markets and companies tend to be smaller in international markets – what is considered a mid-sized customer in North America may be an enterprise in a European market.
  • Culture: Local cultural norms may limit the length of a telephone interview. A face-to-face meeting may be the only culturally acceptable approach for prolonged or more in-depth questioning.
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