Communication: Messaging & Campaigns

Isurus uses a conceptual framework to guide the development and evaluation of messages and campaigns. Critical dimensions of this framework include:

  • Attention: Does the concept break through the clutter? Does it get attention?
  • Relevance: Will B2B buyers care? Does it align with their goals and challenges?
  • Engagement: Does it engage the buyer rationally? Does it engage them emotionally?
  • Credibility: Will buyers believe the claims or inferences made?
  • Uniqueness: Can other brands say the same thing?
  • Motivation: Does it motivate the audience to want to learn more about the brand or increase consideration of the brand?

The role of these dimensions varies – brand and product campaigns have different goals and measures of success.

As an agency working to make the best possible recommendations to our clients, we have always felt confident in using Isurus and even in connecting their team with our contacts directly. After the first time working with them, we were so impressed with their thoroughness, we started using Isurus exclusively.
Senior Associate, Marketing Agency

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