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Isurus uses a conceptual framework to guide brand and campaign tracking. Key dimensions of the structure include:

  • Awareness “I’ve heard of the brand”: This includes top-of-mind/unprompted recall and aided/prompted recall of the brand relative to competitors.
  • Content “I know what brand stands for”: This includes functional attributes that characterize the brand’s offerings (innovation, high efficiency, etc.) and attitudinal inferences about what the brand stands for (confident, driven, etc.).
  • Preference “It’s a brand I prefer”: These are behavioral and attitudinal measures of choice such as a likelihood to consider the brand.

The success of any campaign depends on the state of the market, the level of investment, and the nature of the audience. B2B marketers should set realistic expectations for their campaigns and:

  • Track the right metrics: The metrics tracked should match the particular objectives of the creative and media plan, e.g., increasing awareness, changing perceptions, creating model perceptions. A single campaign cannot move all the needles.
  • Align with the media plan: Enhancing knowledge and attitudes takes time and resources. In the near term, the best use of resources is to research audiences exposed to the channels used by the campaign.
  • Set goals for ongoing tracking: No single measurement tells the story of a campaign’s success. Goals should be based on overall trends across multiple parameters rather than on specific changes to a particular metric.
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