Isurus has researched the healthcare sector for clients ranging from diagnostic equipment manufacturers to cybersecurity vendors. We’ve explored:

  • Product messaging to laboratory directors to support the launch of a new real-time PCR assay
  • Brand equity and competitive positioning for a global screening and diagnostic testing services provider
  • Marketing strategy to support provider recruitment for a national healthcare delivery organization
  • The competitive landscape for point-of-care analytics and decision support
  • Market needs and perceptions of business liability insurance among large assisted living and nursing care facilities
  • The buying criteria hospitals use to select cybersecurity solutions
  • Market needs and buying criteria for practice management software among independent practitioners
  • Market needs for staffing optimization solutions in large hospitals
  • Brand perceptions among hospitals of specialty medical supply companies
  • Buying criteria for fraudulent claims detection solutions
  • Perceptions and preferences of hospitals among general practitioners when referring patients for specialty care
Isurus provides a high-touch, personal connection that is much appreciated and, I believe, a strategic competitive advantage in their ability to understand their client’s challenges and opportunities.
Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Infrastructure

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