Practice Areas / Education

"Research is a process where you can spend a lot of money and come up with zero. Isurus guides me quickly through the key decisions, helps me avoid the pitfalls, and makes sure I walk away with high-value implications."

-Vice President of Marketing, Enterprise Content Management System Provider

Isurus works with a wide range of companies that focus on the education market. These include publishing companies that create content for teachers and students, as well as technology companies that create technology products for the classroom and to run the infrastructure of institutions.

Our focus on education provides better research for our clients who focus on this market:
  • Ensuring that the research reflects the complex context of this market makes for better, more actionable results.
    • Because we have been conducting research in both K-12 and higher education on an on-going basis for many years, we have a well-developed sense of the trends occurring in these parts of the education market.
    • Understanding the complexity of these markets and the decision-making and sales processes gives helps us put our findings in a meaningful context.
Our research in education comprises three broad areas:
  • Research on materials for K-12 teachers and students
    • Programs: for example, elementary reading and math
    • Textbooks, ancillaries
    • Software, technology products, online services
    • Ebooks
    • Current technology issues (tablet programs, BYOT, technology adoption)
    • assessment and large-scale assessment programs
    • Audiences for this research include teachers, administrators, curriculum supervisors, IT professionals, students
  • Research on infrastructure technology for institutions
    • Mostly for higher education: recruiting, retention, outcomes and accreditation, ERP/SIS
    • CMS/LMS for both higher education and K-12
    • Audiences for this research include administrators, senior administration (Provosts, Deans), IT professionals, faculty, students
  • We have also conducted research that is more topical or targeted, for example:
    • Trends and opportunities in developmental studies
    • Trends and dynamics in the for-profit education sector
    • Opportunities in professional certification programs
    • Audiences for this research include administrators, marketers, faculty, specialists, IT professionals
The research tools we employ in education depend on the nature and objectives of the particular project, but may include:
  • Focus groups (traditional and online)and in-depth interviews
  • Telephone and online surveys