Dimensions of Customer Satisfaction

Product features and functionality are critical drivers of satisfaction. However, they do not explain the entirety of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is especially true if customers see little differentiation between competitors or believe a lesser solution is “good enough” for their needs. In these cases, non-product attributes such as account management or technical support can be significant satisfaction and loyalty drivers.

Therefore, Isurus uses a conceptual framework to guide customer satisfaction programs. The three critical dimensions of this framework include:

  • Capabilities: The technical and operational features and qualifications required to deliver the product or service.
  • Brand Traits: The behaviors, values, and attitudes that personify the brand and build emotional connections – they remain the same as offerings evolve.
  • Business Outcomes: The desired outcomes the customer expects from using the product and vendor.

Using this framework as a starting point ensures that the survey includes a comprehensive view of what drives customer satisfaction. Without the structured reminders of company traits and business outcomes, customer satisfaction surveys tend to focus solely on features and functionality.

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